Triathlon kits should not miss be amiss in your wardrobe. For those who love outdoor adventures, they are an absolute must have. They are also recommendable to those who love working out. While it is healthy for your body to be involved in some activity every day, it would be best to have the right essentials with you. Otherwise you may end up injured.

Staying indoors is also somehow boring, but some people like it that way. You will enjoy having triathlon gear in your cabinet in one way or another. You never know when you need it. If you are a triathlon beginner, you are in the right place. This guide will lead you to have all that you need and each kit’s features. 

Here is an essential beginner’s guide that will give you all the ideas and information you need before buying triathlon kits. 

Essentials of Triathlon Kits

Some kits are necessary for a triathlon to be complete. However, it depends on the agenda of the person. For example, a swimming triathlon kit is different from someone who needs it for cycling. 

Triathlon Wet Suit 

A wet triathlon suit is good for swimming. It can also be referred to as a wet swimming suit. It is good for those who love deep-sea diving because it fits your body so well that it will enable you to swim at ease. There is a short triathlon wet suit and the long one that covers your whole hand and legs. Swimming is a good exercise. But it would be best if you had a swimming suit because it helps the swimmer acclimatize to the cold water temperatures. 

It also gives the swimmers extra buoyancy that enables them to swim faster. The triathlon wetsuit has a thermal effect with the same characteristics as sports. It is made of a neoprene material that traps a small amount of water between the suit and the swimmer’s skin. The water trapped inside is warmed up by the swimmer’s body temperature. 

The triathlon wetsuit is not like any other water sports wet suit. The wet triathlon suit has a stretching ability and is also made of thin rubber. These features help in promoting a natural swim stroke. Additionally, it has a rubber outer lining that is slick. It’s good for hydrodynamics and helps in reducing water absorption. It also decreases the drag that other swimsuits have. 


  • The material is made of Neoprene
  • The brand type is Synergy
  • Closure type is a zipper
  • Made of a thin rubber
  • It has a stretching material 


  • It’s flexible for swimming because it does not absorb the water
  • Regulates the temperatures when swimming in cold water because the water is trapped between the body skin and the swimsuit then warmed by the body temperatures. 
  • Has a stretching ability which helps the swimmer to maneuver easily in the water
  • Has extra buoyance, which helps the user to swim faster 
  • It’s good for hydrodynamics


  • It’s constricting for those who are first-timers
  • The original triathlon wet suit is expensive 
  • It takes a long time to get on and off

Swimming Googles

Triathlons will always want to have a good pair of goggles. It’s especially good for deep-sea divers and even kids learning to swim. These goggles make it easy for triathlons to have good vision underwater. 

Even when swimming in a public pool, you need to see who is on your way to avoid bumping into people. Therefore, get good pair that fits well the shape of your head and eyes. It’s important to ensure it fits you well, or it will keep falling off and be destructive.

There are different types of glass wear. One has a tint, and it’s good for helping you decrease the glare of the water. The other type does not have a tint, so it has a wide field of vision.  


  • The brand is Focevi
  • Frame material is thermoplastic rubber
  • Lens material is Polycarbonate
  • Has ultraviolet light 


  • It helps in getting a clear vision in the pool 
  • Easily portable 
  • It has a good material that makes it easy for swimmers
  • Offers good protection for the eyes
  • It’s a good prescription for those who do not have clear vision or experience eyesight problems 


  • Its challenging to know the perfect size 
  • It can be addictive, and so with time, it becomes hard for the swimmers to swim without it
  • Goggles are fragile, and so they can easily break. However, you should consider purchasing the best quality and long-lasting. 

Tri Suit 

Like a triathlon, you need a tri suit because it’s hybrid for both cycling and running. It’s well-designed, which makes it good for padding on a bicycle and also for exercise. It’s supportive for running. A tri suit is good for a faster transition, and it’s also a good look.  

There are different types of tri suits. You can get one with a zipper, which will help loosen it if it gets too hot. There are also tri suits that have different sleeve lengths. It can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. 


  • Made of polyamide and an Elastane Italian technical fabric which is good for drying quickly 
  • It has a technical compression fabric that reduces muscle vibration 
  • It’s resistible to chlorine
  • It has a cushion pad which is good for offering support when riding bikes 


  • Its good protection from adheres weather conditions 
  • Recommendable for improved aerodynamics 
  • Comfortable for fast racers
  • Not sticky or baggy thus, it fits exactly with the user’s body
  • It’s a good look


  • It’s expensive for those who cannot afford the price

Triathlon Shoes 

Like a triathlon, you need to have comfortable shoes. Not every shoe wear is good for running and bike riding. So it would be best if you had the perfect shoe that would motivate you to keep racing. A good example of a good triathlon shoe is the Tommaso Veloce. 

It’s breathable, lightweight, and good for any other outdoor activity. The Veloce triathlon shoe is the best in the market. The reason is that it’s hard to get pigeon holes because it’s long-lasting. It can also be good for indoor wear for those who do not like walking without shoes.

Also, it offers ultimate performance and extreme comfort, making it more valuable. It is also comfortable because of the supple synthetic leather. It is also versatile, making it comfortable to put on even without socks. The shoe’s sole has been reinforced with fiberglass nylon which gives the leg power in every pedal stroke.  


  • Has cleats that are speed play which is good for cyclers
  • The sole is reinforced with nylon and fiberglass
  • It has two years warranty 
  • Has mesh which is good for ventilation 


  • Comfortable for running and cycling
  • It can be worn with any triathlon suite 
  • The mesh on the shoes gives space for air which is for ventilation 


  • It can be too comfortable, thus making it hard to switch to other wears 
  • It can have a massive impact on the legs that will also affect the body because the muscles will be too relaxed to stretch when running 

Triathlon Cycling  Helmet

Your safety is very paramount. Those who are cycling will need to have protective gear. One of them is a cycling helmet. You can never predict an accident. Therefore, you need to always be ready with a helmet to help protect your head. It may not be necessary for those training. 

However, it’s a requirement for triathlon cyclers. The aero cycling helmet offers good aerodynamics, comfort, and airflow balance. But you need to consider the type of helmet you are getting. It’s because the trial helmet may not be fit for what you need when riding. It has a shape that will figure out your head. 


  • It has been through the Giro test lab, and so it’s good for protection and performance 
  • Has an aerodynamic design which makes it more efficient and reduces drag. 
  • Has a strong shield which is a good shock absorber 
  • Consists of ten vents that have inner channeling that is good for oxygen circulation
  • It has a MIPS protection system for the brain for protection 


  • Safe for the head protection 
  • Has good ventilation spaces, which are good for air circulation 
  • It’s efficient for bike riders because it minimizes drag
  • The design is so good that it compliments the look of the rider
  • It has a VIVID technology that is good for increasing contrast 


  • It takes time to put it on and off
  • If not well tightened, it will fall off the head, which may result in an accident 

Aerodynamic Bag

It is never a guarantee for a triathlon to know if there is food or water at the end of the exercise. Therefore, it is always important to have a backpack with water and maybe a snack. Sometimes the triathlon bike may have a built-in place with either a bottle or a carrier. It is always important stay hydrated, and it’s tiresome to carry a water bottle while cycling. 


  • It has a 72 angle degree, which fits right with the bike.
  • It can decrease drag because of the headset and stem spacers. 
  • Has insulated sides, which keep the nutrition cool.


  • It fits well with the bicycle, and thus, it does not keep falling off.
  • The bag is easily portable, thus not destroyed when cycling. 
  • It is advantageous to the rider because they do not have to look for water somewhere else. 


  • It can be uncomfortable for first-timers to cycle and have an aerodynamic bag at the same place. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Triathlon Kits 

You have to consider some factors before purchasing triathlon kits. 

The Purpose for the Kit 

There are so many kits that triathlon can use. However, the kit for a swimmer will not be the same for the one cycling. Therefore, you need to consider the day’s schedule and get the right kit. 


You wouldn’t want to buy an item that will cost you more than you can afford. However, there are different stores, so the prices may not be the same. Always consider what is affordable so long as it serves the same purpose you intended. 


A tri suit for a male will not be the same for the female, and the same goes for shoes. However, some items can be unisex, but you still have to confirm. It will be uncomfortable to swim with what does not fit in with your gender. 

The type of material 

It is an essential consideration for a tri suit. You need to check the tri suit material because some are made of cotton or synthetic fiber, which may absorb water or become uncomfortable when swimming. Swimming is good exercise, but you will not swim as fast if you wear a wet suit that holds water. It will become tiresome and may slow you down, especially if racing.  

Features of the Kit 

You need to read the kit’s features so you can know if it fits in with your preference. For example, in a triathlon shoe, some like it completely closed while others like it with a mesh. It depends on whether you are the sweating type and need continuous temperature regulation. On the other hand, some like keeping their feet warm. Therefore, it is very necessary to check the features of the item. 

Environment Conditions 

This consideration is mainly for those going out for either cycling or running. The environmental condition of whether the road is dusty or muddy is essential to consider. You should also check the temperature conditions of the area. It will help you determine if you need to carry an extra jumper if it rains. If the weather is hot, as a bicycle rider, you need to carry an aerodynamic bag to pack a drink and maybe a snack in case you get hungry along the way. 


As a beginner, you need triathlon kits that comprehends all your needs. You may not always know the best product to pick. Therefore, you need to consider some factors to have the best choice. 

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