7 Best Light SPD Pedals for Your Bike

As a triathlon bike rider, you know the struggle of cycling with fake pedals. It is tiresome and will not motivate the rider to cycle faster. Some mechanisms are needed for the race to be won. The bike is made of parts, and one of the most crucial parts is the bike pedals. The Light Spd Pedals give the rider the motivation to move faster. However, there are so many types, and you need to purchase the best of them all.

So let’s get to know the different types and the criteria to choose the best pair.

Crankbrothers Candy Clip-In Mountain Bike Light SPD Pedals

The manufacturer is well known for crafting high quality on demand bike accessories including versatile bike pedals. Crankbrothers themselves call this model the most versatile pedal they have ever created and you can trust them on it. In general, these are one of the most convenient pedals. They can fit just fine with a cyclocross, cross-country, trail and especially well with a mountain bike. The model Candy one, Candy two, Candy there, Candy seven and Candy eleven series are all made for professional riding competitions and can be adjusted and customized to fit in better and assist the owner with a top notch performance.

This model of the pedal Candy (1, 2, 3, 7, 11 series) are made for professional riding and races. Therefore, they are made with a longer spindle. Because they have been made for advanced professional riders they come in with an integrated traction pad technology. This is an amazing feature to refine the compatibility of the pedals with the bike so that it can perform even better.

The pedals are made to fit any type of bikes with a carbon wheel or a more lightweight alloy wheel. It can endure and assist you in a cross country competition racing or commuting as well as just a stroll outside with your family during weekends. What’s even more amazing, is that the models comes with a three to five years long warranty option. However, take into consideration that you have to contact the manufacturer for mode details and application info.


  • Four-sided entry, mud shedding ability. Super stable two side platform that come with any packeging even with the econom package. (Applicable for Crankbrothers Candy One series)
  • Extremely light, one piece sturdy body that cannot be matched with the competitors. It weights only about 296 grams per pair.
  • The build is extremely light but it’s sturdy and hard and can provide amazing contraction.
  • The rider can customize the floating as well as the release angle from 15 degrees to 20 degrees.
  • It’s a great pedal for the beginner as well as professional level clipless pedal riders who are looking for a trustworthy gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike riding pedals.
  • Features include one piece composite frame that is made out of chromoly steel spindle.
  • Stamped steel wings with stainless steel springs.
  • Floating and release angle can be adjusted as needed.
  • Premium bearing and double-seal systems.
  • 294g per pair
  • Three to five years of warranty (contact the manufacturer for more details).


  • Candy series come with an amazing mud shedding function and they can be further customized to adjust to your needs.
  • The build is specifically made for a high torque pedals
  • This model features exceptional corrosion resistance seal that provides with incredible precision
  • Durable and high quality material
  • Forged scum 435 chromo steel that comes with a single piece plastic composite
  • Stamped stainless steel wings with 300 Series stainless steel spring
  • Inner bearing of agues fully glideable beating with outer bearing made for an endurance cartridge bearing
  • Quite affordable and can be chosen from the variety of options to fit in with any bike


  • Some customers have complained about the cleats. As they have pointed out they were Easy Release options that has a fixed 10 degree release. This is a great function for a road or non competitive bikes but can be uncomfortable on mountain bikes or race ones. The latter options need wider cleats.
  • Check the package carefully to make sure there are two cleats because some customers have pointed out to have received only one.

K PEDC MTB Bike Pedals

K PEDC MTB Mountain Bike Pedal Platform Flat Bicycle Pedals Aluminum Alloy Non-Slip 9/16" Metal Bike Pedals with 3 Bearings for Road, BMX
  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL & UNIVERSALLY】: This mtb bike pedal is made of CNC machined aluminum alloy 6061, Cr-Mo steel axle and 9/16 inch standard spindles. Suitable for most of mountain bikes, MTB, road bikes, urban bikes, BMX bikes, etc.
  • 【 WIDELY PLATFORM AND SIZE】:With 105.6/93.5mm wide platform pedals supports the foot more evenly when riding, provide more comfortable riding experience for you. X19---3.98*4.16*0.79in, 0.76lb one pair / X19S---3.56*3.68*0.85in, 0.67lb one pair. Strengthen the structure while reducing weight.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT & GREAT GRIPS】: New style of reverse installation anti-skid nails, each side of this mountain bike pedal with 8 pins, which will provide a strong grips, effectively prevent your shoes from sliding off, make the cycling safer. You will get the ease and maneuverability from this large flat pedals.
  • 【SMOOTH BEARINGS AND INSTALLATION】: 3 SEALED BEARINGS excellent for long distance riding. Sealed system biking pedals protect spindles from water and dust and let you enjoy cycling. Using 8mm allen wrenches easy to install and remove. L for left pedal, R for right pedal.
  • 【LIFETIME WARRANTY】: K PEDC ensures you a risk-free purchase! We offer you a full money back if our product does not live up to your expectations. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this alloy flat pedals.

This Light Spd pedal has dual functionality, and it is compatible with SPD clipless pedals. It also has three sealed bearings that weigh aluminum. The pedal is compatible with all-mountain bikes with the SPD pedal system. Additionally, it has the SPD cleats included in its package.

It is recommendable because it boosts the power of the pedals. Also, it gives the rider control over the bike when the cycler is riding in adventurous styles. The pedals are made of aluminum alloy, and, therefore, it does not rust easily. It also has three smooth bearings and ensures the reliability of the pedals. Therefore, it has a smooth rolling and is also long-lasting. Additionally, it has a sealing system that protects the whole system from rusting.

The pedals are incredibly easy to install as they come with three sealed bearings. They are especially great for the longer rides. Sealed system biking pedals provides a shield for spindles in case you need to ride a bike on a watery or dusty roads. You can use a 8mm Allen wrenches for a smooth installation or removal if needed. You won’t be confused which one is for which side as they come engraved with a L 7 R for Left and Right.


  • The material is made of aluminum
  • The pedal brand is K PEDC
  • The weight is 0.79 pounds; thus, it’s lightweight
  • It has a compatible dual side SPD
  • The cleats have an adjustable tension


  • These pedals are made of durable and long lasting materials that can fit virtually any bike. Although their are most comfortable when used with a mountain bike. The material is a CNC machined aluminum alloy 6061, Cr-Mo steel axle and 9/16 inch standard spindles. This can be a great match for the majority of mountain bikes, MTB, road bikes, urban bikes, BMX bikes, etc.
  • The size of the pedals is quite wide which makes them very comfortable. In particular 105.6/93.5mm wide platform pedals gives the riders enough support to create a smooth riding experience on the roughest roads. X19—3.98*4.16*0.79in, 0.76lb one pair / X19S—3.56*3.68*0.85in, 0.67lb one pair. This measures provide strong frame which is lightweight at the same time.
  • All sides of this mountain bike pedals come with a bran new reversed pre installed anti skid nails. It has8 pins. Meaning the pedals have an incredible grip. But it doesn’t make them heavy. This is also great because they protect any shoes from slipping, especially good for staying safe during rainy weather. Largeness and flatness of the pedal is great for beginner riders with no previous experience as well.
  • K PEDC has a trust in their items therefore they provide the users with a lifetime warranty options. You get your money (fully) back in case of any issues with the way it’s built, quality or material of the product you have purchased. They also have an amazing customer service you can contact any time.


  • Mainly used for mountain bikes so some users find it hard to adjust to them if they use other type of bikes. Other than this there are virtually no complaints about this item.

Xewea MTB Bike Light SPD Pedals

These Xewea Light Spd Pedals have a dual platform that has a dual platform that is compatible with the Shimano SPD clipless pedals. They also have three sealed-bearing lightweight nylon alloy bicycle pedals. Xewea bike pedals are also good for the BMX spin exercise trekking bike. It is a dual pedal because it has a traditional platform and the SPD design on the other. The SPD design is favorable for those who want to ride with an SPD cycling shoe. It also has SPD SH51 cleats in it.


  • The color is a nylon fiber
  • The material is made of Nylon
  • Item weight is 390 grams
  • It has a dual platform pedal
  • The pedal is made of aluminum alloy to prevent rusting
  • Has 3 Cr-Mo sealed bearing spindles


  • It can be used with SPD cycling shoes and also normal shoes because it has dual platforms
  • Has fixed traction pin, which is good for the rider to get an excellent grip and control over the bike
  • The pedals can be used in wet condition because it has aluminum alloy to prevent rusting
  • It has three bearings that offer reliability and stability
  • It provides a comfortable and relaxed ride because of the ultra-light big pedals


  • It can only be used on folding bikes, BMX bikes, and mountain bikes

Venzo MTB Pedal

Venzo MTB Mountain Bike Sealed Clipless Pedals Compatible with Shimano SPD Type Cleats SM-SH51 MTB Shoes - Easy Clip in
  • FULLY COMPATIBLE: Compatible with all Shimano SPD MTB bike pedals system. Means you can use Shimano SPD cleats on these pedals or use these cleats on Shimano MTB bike pedals.
  • QUALITY: The pedal's cleat cage is made of a one complete piece high quality steel. The cleats precisely machined with only 0.01mm deviation compatible with SM-SH51 single direction release. This ensures very smooth click in and release. Please DO practice before riding. Watch our detailed video in the listing.
  • SEALED BEARINGS: LSL bushing & sealed, Binding: Dual-sided Cr-Mo. Very smooth riding.
  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION: Tension adjustable (80~140kgf.cm) .The cleats tension could be adjusted by the screw on the side of the pedal. It allows riders to achieve perfect clip in and out feelings.
  • VALUE & WARRANTY: Body: Die-cast aluminum , Axle: 9/16" CNC machined Cr-Mo. Weight only 359 g/pair compared to PD-M540 352 g/pair which is doubled price. We are so confident with the pedals , that we can offer 2 years warranty on the pedals except the cleats.

It is a forged 6066 aluminum sealed clip-less pedal. These Light Spd Pedals are also compatible with the Shimano SPD cleats, which you can ride with the MTB shoes. It has an easy clip-in feature that helps the rider cycle smoothly and easily without wasting time getting on it. The body of the pedal is heavy duty and has 6066 aluminum weight. Therefore, it is durable and cannot get rust on it. The pedal also has smooth bearings, making it more durable and long-lasting.


  • The color is fogged 290g
  • The material is aluminum
  • Item weight is 0.45 kilograms
  • Only used on mountain bikes
  • The size is 80 by 60mm


  • It is long-lasting
  • The aluminum bearing makes it more durable and hard to get rust
  • Pedals are light because of their weight and durability
  • It is reliable and easy to get on
  • It has an adjustable by the screws, which make the rider achieve the best clip


  • It is only used on mountain bikes

VICUC Light SPD Pedals

VICUC SPD Pedals Clipless Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals Dual Platform Multi-Purpose MTB Bike Pedals Compatible with Shimano SPD Pedal Lightweight Nylon Fiber/Alloy Bicycle Pedals 9/16-inch CR-MO Axle
  • Cr-Mo Sealed Bearing Spindles: 9/16" Axle CNC machined Cr-Mo. Very smooth and reliable. Gasket design prevent the water,dust or sand from entering to the bike pedals to avoid the noise.
  • Multipurpose Pedal :vicuc mtb pedals pedal is a double-sided bicycle pedal, one side has a traditional platform for use with regular shoes, and the other is an SPD step-in design for use with SPD cycling shoes. you can ride with cleats or normal shoes, you can switch at will, SPD cleats are included.
  • Excellent Quality Body: Very light Rugged nylon fiber body, very strong and wear-resistant.It ensures more riding stability.Besides, anti-skids spikes on one side of the mountain bike pedals provide the good grip for you.We also have divided the pedals on the left and right with signs, L for left; R for right.
  • Adjustable Tension: Tension adjustable (70~140kgf.cm) .The cleats tension could be adjusted by the screw on the side of the pedal. It allows riders to achieve perfect clip in and out feelings. Weight: 297g = 0.65lbs /pair(without cleats).
  • Widely Used: 9/16 inches spindle diameter spd bike pedals is suitable for most bicycles. pedals are suitable for mountain bikes and road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes,Touring,trek, city bikes, etc., allowing you to enjoy riding pleasure.

They are clip-less light SPD pedals that are good for mountain bikes. The best thing about this pedal is multipurpose and compatible with the Shimano SPD pedal. It is also a lightweight Nylon alloy pedal.
It has a Cr-Mo Sealed Bearing Spindle with a 9/16 Axle CNC machined pedal. Additionally, it is so smooth and very reliable for cycling. Most riders will love this pedal because it has a gasket design that prevents dust and water from getting to the pedals. It also has a good design that does not produce irritating sounds when cycling.


  • Material is made of Nylon
  • The pedal brand is from VICUC
  • Item weight is 297 grams
  • Most favorable for mountain bikes and road bikes
  • It’s a double-sided pedal


  • It doesn’t rust because of the gasket design, which prevents water from getting to the pedals
  • It has a double-sided feature which makes it multipurpose
  • Very light Nylon makes it have a good quality body
  • It has an option of riding with clips or not
  • Tension is adjustable, which makes it efficient when riding


  • Only used by mountain bikes and road bikes

Time Speciale Pedal

Time Unisex's Speciale Pedal, Dark Grey, One Size
  • Enduro Specific Design
  • 6106-T6 Aluminum Body & Oversize Hollow Steel Axle
  • ATAC Technology provides quick and easy engagement
  • Self Cleaning Design
  • Weight: 404g

Time Speciale offers exceptional quality pedals that provide amazing design combined with great performance characteristics. The pedals have been crafted by professionals that considered the specifics of the biking competitions. Meaning, they check everything starting from speed and mobility, to adjustment to your bike type.

Time Speciale endurance pedals are made of a 6106-t6 aluminum body. This is different from the aluminum used in the making of other similar pedals as this type of aluminum is 1/5th more durable. Furthermore, the pedals have pins that could be adjusted to provide the rider with enough grip. It also have a a micro adjustable clamping system. The bike is indeed made for professional competition as such a feature is usually only featured for the bikes that most advanced riders need.

The Time manufacturer has made a patent of the proven ATAC engagement system. Such a feature provides riders with easy clipping as well as reactive and immediate release. What’s even more amazing is the self cleaning feature. The bike is weather proof so no matter how terrible the conditions get, you are guaranteed to have a safe ride.

One last thing is that Time Speciale is a French brand with the headquarters and factories in Nevers. They use the highest quality materials for all their bike accessories including pedals. All of their pedals are made in France and shipped from there.


  • Brand: TIME Speciale
  • Colors: Grey and Blue
  • Material: Enhanced Aluminum
  • Type: SPD pedals
  • 1.2 pounds item weight


  • Endurance Specific design, stylish aesthetic and great classic colors that will match most bikes
  • 6106-T6 Aluminum frame
  • Oversized hollowed stainless steel axle
  • ATAC Technology that guarantees immediate reaction once engaged, great clipping response and instant release
  • Extremely easy to clean as it comes with a self cleaning function
  • Great versatility, can be used on multiple types of bikes


  • There were virtually no complaints from customers

BV Bike Shimano Light SPD Compatible 9/16” Pedals with Toe Clips (SPD Cleats Included)

BV Bike Shimano SPD Compatible 9/16'' Pedals with Toe Clips (SPD Cleats Included) - MTB/Spin/Indoor/Exercise/Peloton Bicycle Pedal
  • Durable and High Quality Material: ED-painted aluminum Body with pedal straps made by high quality Nylon.
  • Dual Function: Riding with clip shoes or riding with casual shoes. A pair of steel SPD cleats included.
  • Compatible with SHIMANO SPD. Compatible for bikes with 9/16” spindle, and have adjustable Nylon traps with aluminum clips.
  • Removable Toe Clips and Straps: all the clips and straps are pre-installed on pedals and are removable.
  • We're so confident in our product quality that we can provide 1-year warranty. Made in Taiwan

As a manufacturer BV is known for crafting innovations in the field. Their items are perfect for all kinds of riders from professionals to just biking lovers as well as people who need bikes for commuting. BV items are crafted in a way that makes riding experience enjoyable and easy for the bike owners. Everything from aesthetics to comfortability and convenience, these pedals have it all. What’s more, BV offers multiple types of warranties for all of their items. You can get one in case of the defect when shipped, materials or other issues within one year from the purchase.

BV Bike Shimano SPD Compatible 9/16” Pedals with Toe Clips (SPD Cleats included) for MTB Spin Indoor Exercise Peloton Bicycle Pedals are made to fit in with all types of bikes. But they are most compatible with mountain bikes and Peloton exercise bikes for indoor riding. They match with SPD as well as casual shoes. Convenient for commuting, going t the gym or family time.

This pedals are very easy to install. All you have to do is to install them on bikes with 9/16” spindle. This can be done on any type of bike but most comfortably with mountain bikes or indoor exercise bikes.

Alternatively, you can install them with a 15MM open end wrench or a 6MM Allen key. The SPD cleats tension can be adjusted to your preferences when it comes to clipping. To adjust the tension of the SPD side, a 3MM Allen key can be used to twist the bolt. The rider can monitor the tension levels on the meter near the blot in real time.


  • 7.36 x 5 x 3.27 inches in the dimensions L x W x H including item packaging
  • 0.88 kilograms weight including the package
  • BV manufacturing company
  • One year warranty options (contact the manufacturer to figure out if it applies to you)
  • BV-PD-S5 model name
  • Black color, matches any type of bike aesthetic
  • Made of aluminum material
  • A pair of SPD cleats are included in the packeging
  • Can be used by anyone (unisex)
  • Standard one size pedals


  • Great durability and sturdy high quality materials used for the body build. ED black painted total aluminum frame with high end Nylon pedal straps.
  • Bi functional pedals as they can be used with clip as well as casual commuting shoes or trainers. A pair of SPD cleats made of stainless steel are included in the package.
  • SHIMANO SPD is also compatible with these pedals. Perfect for the 9/16” spindle as the Nylon traps can be adjusted with the aluminum clips if needed.
  • Toe clips and straps can be removed if needed. The pedals comes with the clips and straps pre installed but they can be removed at any time.
  • BV is a Taiwan based company so they make and ship their products from there. If you need the warranty (one year warranty option) contact them to find out whether it applies to you.


  • The only slight downside that only a few customers have pointed out is that the pedals clips stick to your shoe when standing up sometimes.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Light SPD Pedals

Source: BikermanforU

Type of Bike

The rider needs to check the type of their bike. As mentioned before, some pedals are specifically meant for Mountain Bikes and others for Road Bikes. Therefore, if you get a different type of pedal for your bike, you will waste your money.

Type of Material Used To Make the Pedals

The material is crucial because some pedals are made of rusting metals like iron and steel. A good pedal is made of aluminum alloy, which does not fade. You need to check and confirm if it is aluminum because some sellers can trick you.

Type of Shoes

The light SPD pedals have specific shoes to be used. For example, the SPD pedals for a bike with toe cages can only be used with cycling shoes that already have the SPD cleats installed. You, therefore, need to check which shoes you are wearing. Alternatively, as you buy the pedals, you should also purchase the shoes along with them.

Brand Type

The brand of any pedal is very important. It’s because some brands are known to produce fake pedals that may disappoint you. You should check the brand type before purchasing the item.

Durability and Reliability

Who would want to purchase an item that will not last long? It is thus important to check how durable and reliable the pedal is. You can ask a professional to help you identify the best pedal. However, the material made to make the product will tell you more about it.

In Conclusion

Every rider wants a reliable pedal that will not keep falling off when cycling. Therefore, you need to buy the best pedal to make you enjoy your riding. It is also important that you check factors such as the type of your bike and the material used to make the pedal.

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