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Looking for the best indoor BMX tracks? Bike Motocross is very popular in the USA. The indoor races are fascinating and designated for everyone regardless of their age. Of course, the type of race is different depending on the age and an individual’s capability.

The BMX racers can either run with or against other racers. It is not easy to run on the tracks, but you require intense workouts to meet the challenges of the BMX race. The BMX tracks vary depending on the racer’s capability.

The indoor BMX tracks can be messy, filled with jumps, turns, and rollers. Such tracks help alot when it comes to improving a racer’s skills. Most BMX racers are equipped with protective helmets and clothing to avoid being hurt along unfavorable tracks.

Here is a simple guide to indoor BMX tracks in the USA:

Source: Bike & Scoot

Indoor BMX Tracks: Run in the Correct Lane, at the Right Time

Racing at the right lane and the correct time is a factor that multiple racers overlook. It is a discipline you must observe if you want to perform well in BMX racers. Clubs have various times for indoor tracks in the virtual world.

Avoid occupying other racers for not observing time and proper track discipline. Remember that BMX racers racing against each other follow a track in anticlockwise directions unless otherwise.

In some instances, the racers may follow the clockwise direction to avoid straining one body’s side.

Look Before You Cross And Start

BMX racing is just a race like another. There are seasoned pros and newbies in the racing industry. BMX tracks will accommodate both experts and beginners, even in the virtual world. Some of them are way too fast than you.

You, therefore, have to be very observant before you start the race to avoid confusion on the track. Ensure there are no BMX racers behind as you begin the race. It is also crucial to counter-check to ensure no raider is riding towards you.

Indoor BMX Tracks: Run the in Appropriate Lane

Besides looking before you cross and check, it is advisable to use the appropriate lane. As mentioned earlier in the article, BMX racers have different capabilities. There are seasoned pros whose speed is unparalleled.

On the other hand, there are those whose pace is average and, of course, not forgetting the newbies who are green in the field. USA BMX tracks are diverse, and they are designed to cater to everyone’s needs.

Avoid the lane with faster races for the experienced; the tracks may involve sharp corners and joints that you can’t handle. The outer is most meant for warmups in the USA BMX tracks; start there. You can later proceed to the workout lane.

Indoor BMX Tracks: Stay To The  Inside 

Besides running in the appropriate lane, you should consider staying inside the track at all times. This is a vital aspect that BMX racers tend to overlook. The inside lane helps you to stay focused throughout the race.

You can quickly achieve your racing goals and that of your fellow racers. Seasoned pros would head in your direction if they noticed you shifted to the outside lane. You make them think like you want to compete with them.

Do Shoulder Check Before Coming off The Track

However, BMX racing may be fascinating; you need to rest to avoid being exhausted. Be mindful of your behind; ensure nothing is coming from your behind.

Of course, the correct exit from the BMX tracks is outside lane but remember, people break the rules. Contrary to breaking the rules, your fellow racers may have completed their interval and exited the outside  highway.

The tips mentioned above are a practical guide to BMX indoor tracks. Once you embrace them, your indoor training becomes even more fun and fruitful.

Top Indoor USA BMX Tricks For Beginners

Source: Red Canyon BMX

The world of BMX has never been dull since time immemorial. Whether indoor or outdoor, the BMX racers will always find it fascinating; The dark winter days no longer break your training consistency since you can always turn to indoor training.

The tons of options for BMX will always give you the zeal to keep going. Seasoned racers and beginners can train with or against each, ideally using the BMX. However, beginners need to train harder and smartly before reaching the pros level.

There are several tricks beginners ought to learn in the world of BMX. Below is a quick overview of some of the tricks to remember:

Indoor BMX Tracks: Manual

You use the pedals to move your bike. But with the manual, you try driving the motorcycle on a back wheel without pedaling. It would help if you gained your cycling balance only on the wheel. How do you achieve it?

Consider riding your bike at an average speed. Position your body backward and straighten your arms. Pull the rear wheel, and using your pelvic, try and maintain your balance.

Nose Manual

It is another riding trick beginners ought to learn. Here, without pedaling at all, you try balancing yourself on your bike’s back wheel. Consider riding your bike at an average speed. Position your body backward and straighten your arms. Pull the rear wheel, and using your pelvic, try and maintain your balance.

Indoor BMX Tracks: Bunny Hop

Source: Ride BMX

It is another fascinating and, at the same time, dangerous BMX trick; consider putting on a protective helmet. It involves jumping on your bike’s both back and front wheels simultaneously horizontally.

How do you do it? You start by positioning your legs straight. Then pull handlebars in a backward motion, go ahead and lift your BMX bike at a considerable height. For a short while, horizontally position the wheel.

It’s time to land, but use the back wheel this time, and you are done.


It is another BMX trick that is worth learning. Like its name Suggest, you with the two wheels of your bike simultaneously. It’s technically simple compared to other schemes. You kickstart by riding your bike slowly.

Continue the trick by positioning your legs and arms at a lower level. Lower your body to allow you to stretch your limbs vertically.

Side Hop

It is similar to the hop trick, but side hop requires you to jump and safely land on both wheels simultaneously. It is advisable to ride slowly when performing this trick.

Hop 180°

Hop 180° is another great BMX trick that is worth learning. It entails making a complete turn of 180° degrees on both wheels horizontally. You start the trick by riding your at a slowly.

The next step is to go ahead and bend your limbs, followed by hopping, and make a great turn to achieve the hop 180°.

Significant Parts of USA BMX BIKE Maintain and Repair

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Indoor BMX Tracks: BMX Handlebars

Handlebars are a vital part of your BMX bike. You find diverse colors, designs, and models of handlebars depending on your bike. The sizes will also vary depending on the purpose and bike user.

BMX handlebars require frequent maintenance and repairs if you want to improve the longevity of your bike. The handlebars should be replaced at least after five years. Adjust handlebars’ height more often to increase the longevity of your bike.

Indoor BMX Tracks: BMX FORK

A fork is another vital part of your bike. It contributes alot to your safety; since it is the part that balances you and your bike. It also performs the beautiful duty of connecting the rear wheel and the axle of your bike.

Therefore a fork requires regular maintenance to ensure it keeps your BMX intact. Regularly clean your bike’s fork since you may have too many oils after long days of Cycling. Clean it using a hosepipe. Avoid forcing water through and in the fork seals.

Indoor BMX Tracks: BMX Stem

As discussed earlier, the handlebar and fork are crucial parts of your bike; a stem connects the vital parts. A strong stem is an assurance of the proper functioning of a fork and handlebar. The stem is a common denominator of the load you can transport with your BMX bike.

Indoor BMX Tracks – BMX Bike Top Picks

Now that you know a little more about BMX tracks and parks within the country, it’s time we look at the top BMX bikes in the United States.

Elite BMX Bicycle 20” & 16″ Freestyle Bike

If you are completely new to BMX bikes, The Stealth bicycles from Elite can be a perfect start. It is a versatile bike in every way possible. Aesthetic wise it’s a beautiful bike you that comes in a variety of colors you can choose from. It can roll well on multiple type of terrains from straight concrete to bumpy roads and dirt. Special features that the bikes from this series have are a strong stainless steel build with a high tensile and a 1 1/8″ universal tube on the head. Other interesting features include load stem at the top made out of alloy, 25/9 gear that’s quite low, 06061 rim, 2.5 wheels inside them.

The bike comes with a very detailed user’s guide you can view online or download on your electric device. The guide includes everything you could possibly need an instruction on as a new bike owner. It has precautions when riding a bike, detailed sizing chart; as well as assembling guide. The assembling guide includes things such as what tools you need to pictured stages of putting the bike together or fixing it up when needed.

Safety tips that the manufacturer provides in the guide talks about basics as well as specifics, such as night riding or riding in bad weather conditions. It also has a first ride instructions. They also give you information about maintenance. For instance what should be the interval between getting your bike serviced. How to prepare and take care of your bike before and after longer rides.

Pros & Cons

  • As already mentioned above the manufacturer provides the users with a very detailed user’s guide. Very convenient even for professional riders or those who have previously owned Elite (or similar BMX) bike before. let alone complete newbies. You basically don’t need to physically contact a professional to help you because the guide has all the answers you may possibly have.
  • The manufacturer is honest about the lifespan of the bike and gives instructions on how to maintain it so it lasts longer.
  • Super simple to set up, sturdy and long lasting. Works well with different types of terrains and doesn’t break or gets damaged easily.
  • Tires come in flat so they need to be aired. If you have no tools at home, this might be an inconvenience.
  • Bike glides smoothly without any problems as long as you select the right size.
  • Quite affordable and good value for the money compared to other competitors.
  • Number one in the most sold BMX bikes on Amazon US.
  • Carefully read the warranty options provided in the user’s guide. The warranty only applies to bike frame and fork and it only works for one year from the purchase date. Contact them to find out whether you are eligible for the warranty as it might depend on the place of your residence.

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Just like the Elite bike, Mongoose provides the users with a lengthy and detailed user’s guide. The guide includes everything from safety tips, to maintenance, warranty options, assembling tutorial which you can do looking at the pictures or you can read the step by step instructions. It also has a part where the manufacturer identifies all the parts and explains how they are made and what are they for. The guide is especially convenient for those who have no previous experience with BMX or Mongoose bikes.

Mongoose is a quite famous bike and scooter manufacturer. They have been operating for over four decades and have established themselves as one of the best bike manufacturers. Mongoose doesn’t specialize only in BMX bikes but their BMX series are one of the strongest, best looking and best value for the money when it comes to such bikes. The company has been operating since the early 70s of the last century. It all started off in the south of California and all of their bikes are still made and shipped from the factory there.

The main benefits of Mongoose bikes that make them stand out from their competitors are the amazing durability, quality materials and especially beautiful aesthetic. Just one look at one of their bikes and you will understand why so many people are attracted to them. The moto of Mongoose is to make the riding experience as unlimited for rides as possible. The bikes perform great on hard as well as soft, bumpy, dirty, stony, difficult terrains.

Pros & Cons

  • The bike model comes with a hi10 stainless steel frames that makes it especially durable and long lasting. This particular model comes with brakes you can remove if needed and it also has a quite lengthy high tube at the top. Make sure to select the size right. This will be easier if you follow the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.
  • Mongoose BMX Legion L series comes with pair of cranks that are forged together and made of steel. They have American BB and chain ring made of Alloy. Again, the sizing is different depending on which bike you select from these series.
  • The size of the tires is 20 Inch in the diameter. They are fixed on the aluminum rim.
  • Brakes and levelers are also made of aluminum which gives you enough sturdiness but also flexibility to make your bike as mobile as you need it to be. Steering is made especially easy because of the handlebars and forks being connected together and to the headset on top of them.
  • Second most purchased BMX bike on Amazon US.
  • Some customers have pointed out that they had difficulty putting the bike together, especially the brakes but others haven’t had such an issue.

Framed Attack BMX Bike

This model from Framed belongs to the Attack series. These series are perfect for those who want to go on recreational strolls through local neighborhood or in the countryside. Despite being a BMX bike, it also performs well as a bike you can use for commuting. It’s why this model is deemed as a freestyle BMX bicycle. The chromoly carcass of the bike is black overall but has a bright blue hues trimmed on the inside of the wheels and handlebars.

The other features Attack series has is a hi10 stainless steel build. The bike is quite light but it’s weight doesn’t compromise it’s quality and durability. It’s just that the manufacturers have decided to keep the weight off via mixing chromoly and steel to make the frame and bike parts. This way it’s still damage, weather and tough terrain proof and performs well but is lightweight at the same time.

To give you maximum mobility and unproblematic riding experience Attack BMX bike comes with a pair of headsets that have unsealed bearings. On top of this, it has a bracket at the bottom. Being made from chromoly, steering and rolling is very mobile. Perfect for pros as well as beginners who are just learning how to correctly handle a BMX bike. Gripping is made easy but responsive to ensure your safety.

Pros & Cons

  • The most noticeable benefit of this bike is that it’s an amazing value for the money you pay for it. Made of the different material than it’s competitors the bike is lightweight but durable. Usually, that would put it in the high price range. But this one is an affordable model that has virtually no competition compared to similar bikes.
  • Shipping and delivery are done fast and usually nobody has problems with parts missing or the bike being damaged.
  • Can be assembled quite easily as long as you have the right tools. The user’s guide provided by the manufacturer will help you with putting the bike together. But in case you have difficulties the advice is to take it to the local garage to get a professional assemble and test it out for you.
  • Carefully read the shipping, delivery, warranty and return policy Framed has on their website as well as Amazon store. Contact them to confirm whether you apply for the warranty depending on where you are purchasing the bike from. Furthermore, find out what parts of the bike are warrantied and for how long.
  • There were virtually no complaints about this bike from those who have purchased it.

Hiland BMX Bike

This is a good BMX option for children. Some amazing features that make this a perfect first BMX experience for kids is that it features a completely rotational handlebars that gives the rider total control over the steering and makes bike especially mobile. The bike is very affordable and can be a great gift for your child. But the price does not equal it’s quality. The frame is made of a durable material and is build in a way that makes the bike perform well on various terrains and weather conditions. It’s made of stainless steel that makes he bike durable and long lasting even if your child rides it for a long time and often.

Manufacturers have confirmed that all their bikes, including this particular model have passed the American Bike Standard tests. Therefore, it’s safe to ride on as it doesn’t suddenly fall apart or break away after a bump or a minor crash. Make sure to reach out to Hiland in case of any questions or confirmations you might need on week days. They provide day and night customer service. One amazing feature about this bike is that it’s made in an eco friendly way. Hiland takes sustainability quite seriously.

Pros & Cons

  • Some customers have pointed out that some parts were tight and needed adjustment.
  • Durable, lightweight, speedy, great grip. Perfect for those with or without previous experience with BMX bikes.
  • Very affordable, the most affordable model on here and third most sold BMX bikes in kids option on Amazon US.
  • Comes sealed in a box, no costumer has had any issues with bike or it’s pars coming in damaged even though there were issues with the box. Please keep in mind that the damage to the packaging is due to transportation and has nothing to do with the manufacturing.
  • Fun design, comes in variety of colors.

Final Verdict

Nothing should keep you from training and racing with your BMX bike, not even the dark winter season. Indoor training is as good as outdoor training. Ensure your BMX bike is regularly maintained and repaired to keep fit for racing.

Consider learning a few indoor BMX Tricks if you want to improve your racing. Some tricks may be dangerous, though; consider putting on a helmet and protective clothing. With all the above, you keep bettering your BMX every day.

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