Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Hobbyists and commercial riders have been there over the past years. People have travelled over long distances on bikes for decades. Bike riding is a form of adventure among many people regardless of age and social class. More are embracing cycling as a daily exercise and there are people who have chosen cycling as a career. Mountain cycling is whole another story. You definitely need full suspension mountain bikes to do it.

Cyclers have been facing it rough during lousy weather, but with the introduction of mountain bikes, it has been smoother. Mountain bikes are more lightly compared to mountain bikes hence making them faster and more efficient. Every cycler understands the value of bike stability and traction; these two are only achievable on Mountain bikes.

Below is the list of the best full suspension mountain bikes for sale – under 2000$.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #1 Tommaso Fascino Aluminum

Are you a newbie on a cycling journey? You no longer need cycling experience since the Tommaso Mountain bike is at your service. With minimal or zero experience in riding, you can comfortably and confidentiality rides the Tommaso Mountain bike. It is a multipurpose bike; you can conveniently use it for racing, commuting, traveling, exploration, etc.

It is reasonably priced for beginners and amateur bikers despite its durable and sturdy construction. The Tommaso Fascino full suspension mountain bike frame is made of aluminum hence making it more durable. When cycling, your safety is paramount; therefore, the presence of BB5 disc brakes on this brake is guaranteed security. There is minimal accident for Mountain bike riders.

Tommaso -Fascino Aluminum Bike Disc 40C has a significant benefit of a comprehensive group set of 20-speed Shimano Tiagra. Anyone looking for an adventuring bike; should opt for a Tommaso illimitate bike since it has relaxed geometries and drop bars. Bikes with wide tires are ideal for adventures; therefore, this Tommaso bike is suitable.

Multiple adventures prefer exploring unusual impassible places. Tommaso bike conveniently allows you to ride rocky, unpaved, and rough roads. This bike’s versatility is top-notch. Overall, Tommaso -Fascino Aluminum Bike is a Mountain bike made of high quality and materials in conjunction with hybrid components giving you a reason to invest in it.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #2 Surly Cross-check

Surly cross-check is also a Mountain bike with an attractive and classic look even at a glance. It is commonly known as a gravel crusher. A cycler who had experienced a bad day during a rainy season no longer need to worry if they invested in a surly cross-check full suspension mountain bicycle; They have a unique mudguard, therefore, allowing you to cycle in muddy areas passable.

Any rider thirsty for significant responsiveness and maneuverability on unpaved roads should consider a surly cross-check Mountain bike. This bike is pretty resilient and general-purpose, therefore making it an ideal choice for everyone out there.

The surly bike’s flexibility allows you to use it as a mountain bike and a road bike. This is among the best full suspension mountain bike under $2000 2021 option.


  • It has somewhat horizontal dropouts responsible for the high speed when cycling. The horizontal dropouts further make the surly cross-check Mountain bike’s more adjustable
  • It also consists of a fantastic Gnot-Rite spacing that gives room for the installations of hubs at a spacing of one-hundred- and thirty centimeters and one-hundred- and thirty-five centimeters.
  • It has sturdy and durable built mudguards, thus simplifying your cycling in muddy areas.
  • This bike has tons of customizing options; you can install fenders and racks, pushing its operations to another level.


  • It is sturdy and durable; thanks to its frame steel
  • It is an excellent gravel-crusher; it can stand any form of terrain that comes in its way.
  • Its Gnot-Rite dropout continues making it more efficient and effective as it can stand rough terrains conveniently.
  • You have a variety of colors for the surly bike frames; you go for the color of your preference.


  • The surly bike is pretty heavy
  • It is versatile
  • Its tires are not fast since the bike is quite heavy.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #3 Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike 

Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike is the other fascinating Mountain bike, and for general-purpose, you can ever think of. It is a tremendous entry-level since it’s reasonably priced, unlike other bikes. This bike’s groupset gives you even more reasons to Invest in it.

Race trainers recommend sizeable bikes for racing; therefore, Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike fails you terribly. With an unbeatable group set of sturdy frames and full gears, you can have a memorable lifetime cycling experience. Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike tires are adequately wide, allowing you to ride on unkempt roads smoothly and conveniently.

Sentiero disc bike is a brand with a following due to its outstanding features. A comfortable bike’s saddle makes your riding more fascinating and something to look forward to, just like the Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid bike. It has a high crafted body construction


  • It has a steel fork making it more durable
  • Its frames offer you an option of drilled racks and fenders 
  • It consists of avid BB5 disc brakes for your safety during unconducive weather
  • The model has compact handlebars
  • It has a comfortable padded seat allowing you to travel for miles without resting.


  • It is pocket-friendly regardless of its outstanding features and benefits
  • Its brakes guarantee you maximum safety when cycling no matter how bad the weather is
  • Its finishing is out of this world hence making it more attractive and appealing


  • Horrible customer services experience
  • Poor and challenging to handle pedals
  • It is pretty heavy

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #4 Ridley-X-Ride 105

Have you been the best full suspension mountain bike for under 2000 dollars? Look no further since Ridley-X-Ride 105 is here for you. Riders who wished for bikes ideals for heavily cornered roads for navigation must have the dire need to opt for these Mountain bikes.

Hopping is no more a worry for rides since the Ridley bike has short tubes allowing its bottom to raise should you step an obstacle. It offers the most comfortable hauling thanks to its diverse handle sizes enabled by a clever cross frame. The Ridley-X-Ride Mountain bike has internal cabling that allows you to shoulder safely in case of an obstacle.


  • It has a carbon fiber fork
  • This one consists of a steerer tube
  • It has a light and durable T6 aluminum series
  • Tapered head tubes are ideal for stiffness Improvements
  • Round solid tires for racing
  • It has an aluminum frame 
  • Fulcrum wheels suitable for racing 
  • Internal cable routing
  • Mechanical disc brakes


  • It has a comfortable seat
  • Affordable for all
  • Complex and robust brake system
  • It offers a significant entry for beginners

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #5 Trec Crockett 5 Disc

The Trec Crockett 5 Disc is significant cycling introductory for beginners. It is a substantial choice for experienced cyclers who are yet to be contented with their previous bikes. Talk of a multipurpose bike; Trec Crockett is the appropriate bike for racing, adventure, exploring, and traveling.

It is lightweight, thus contributing to its convenience; you can lift it tirelessly on impassable and restricted areas. Riders enjoy versatility when choosing their bike; this is the true definition of versatility. You can ride on rough, unpaved, and gravel paths.


  • Its frame is made of sturdy aluminum with an appealing carbon look and feel.
  • They have hydroformed sizeable tubes for maintaining stiffness and balance when cycling.
  • The bike consist of a control management system
  • Its light frame weight incorporation with an ISOspeed fork enhances its movements.
  • This Mountain bike has  incomparable a unique drop placement wheelbase

It is the most unparalleled Mountain bike worth investing in.


  • It is pretty and clean; thanks to its internal cabling
  • It can ride on gravel, course, and unpaved paths; all credit goes to carbon trek fork 


  • It is not fast at all

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #6 Tommaso Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

TommasoSchwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike Shimano is commonly known as a gravel adventure bike. It is a great companion explorer, and not also forget that it is pocket-friendly. The Mountain TommasoSchwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike, Shimano, is a safe back to ride on at all times since it has upgraded BB5 disc upgrades.

The stability and steadiness of this bike are unique thanks to its wide tires. It has a high speed and an added advantage of tackling all sorts of terrains in the world. The most impressive thing about this bike is that each of its detail adds value to it. Shimano full suspension mountain bike gives you room for significant adjustment. It is considered as best full suspension mountain bike for under 2000 dollars.


  • It has a compact aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty
  • This model has durable and dependable brakes’ system
  • It has reliable longevity thanks to its high-quality body construction
  • Sturdy geometric handlebars


  • Diverse speeds depending on the state of the riding location
  • Adjustable; enables you to add fenders and racks
  • Ideal for each day ride


  • Its painted surfaces are prone to chipping
  • Requires regular maintenance; replacement, and repairs
  • It is not ranked among the best Mountain bike 

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #7 Cycle-Labs

Any cycler in search of a great racing option; should consider investing in a Cycle-Labs bike. It is a heavyweight Mountain bike due to its enormous disc brakes. Its sharp and sporty nature makes an excellent bike for any racer hunting for this Mountain bike. The appealing finish catches everyone’s attention; the Cycle-Labs bike has smooth and striking surfaces.

Only a few bikes know the value of versatility; it has significant tolerance for gravel, paved or unpaved roads. You don’t have to worry about safety when riding this bike since it possesses hydraulic disk brakes. Asides from its optimum protection, it is a reasonably priced Mountain bike.

Multiple riders who experienced this bike can testify to its incredible forbearance. The body pains and aches associated with prolonged hours are a history for Cycle-Labs bike riders, thanks to its endurance geometry.

The chemistry behind the endurance geometry; is the tubeless wheel that reduces the bike’s weight hence no chances of a flat tire. Cycle-Labs bike has wider tires, thus contributing to its intensive stability and traction. This bike also comes with the benefit of internal cabling, thus taking its Performance to another level.

A rider looking forward to the best full suspension mountain bike under $2000 2021 should opt for a Cycle-Labs bike. It helps you in breaking cycling records; therefore, it’s wise to invest in it.


  • Broader tires hence more traction and stability
  • Ideal for training and racing for long hours
  • It has excellent stopping power thanks to an advanced hydraulic brakes system.


  • It is noisy due to internal cabling
  • Their seat is not all that comfortable; thus affecting long riding hours
  • It is quite heavy
  • Not ideal for cornered paths

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #8 – Schwinn Kedzie Fixie Bike

For newbies in cycling, Gestalt 2 bike is an ideal choice. Schwinn Kedzie Fixie Bike walks step by step in Improving your riding skills which only takes a short while. The weather keeps changing; therefore, cyclers must be ready for it. You are likely to encounter lousy weather, e.g., muddy, stagnant rainy water, sizzling e.t.c. When riding, but if your bike is advanced enough to have a fender, you and your bike are complete protection.

Mud and dirty water sprays are prone during lousy weather; the front fender guards are good at guarding your feet and ankle. Fenders help increase your bike’s durability, thus helping you save money. It is wise to invest in Schwinn Kedzie Fixie Bike since it has powerful and effective fenders.

This bike’s rider’s rack is often referred to as a back carrier. It is adequately efficacious for towering purposes. Schwinn Kedzie Fixie Bike brake system offers the topmost safety compared to multiple Mountain bikes. What’s more, it gives you the multipurpose benefit; racing, adventuring and traveling, etc.

Schwinn Kedzie Fixie Bike is an impeccable bike for any cyclers looking for adequate traction and stability, thanks to its wider tires. The wide tires enhance its smooth movements even along muddy, gravel, paved, or unpaved paths.


  • It has a powerful hydraulic brakes system
  • It has series 2 or 3 frame options
  • Has Beyond Road Geometry
  • It offers room for customization


  • Provides the benefit of choosing from two brands
  • Severe endurance; It has the Beyond Geometry advantage


  • It is not safe to ride on since it lacks hydraulic breaks.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #9 FINIS Bike Men’s Road Bike 

FINIS Bike Men’s Road Bike Mountain bike is the most dependable bike and rider figure out. It is general-purpose apart from racing since it is not fast at all. Since safety is of essence cycling, the FINIS Bike Men’s Road Bike has a productive and dependable hydraulic brakes system. It also consists of a wide gear range hence making it a great bike for you.

Giant revolve bike speed is controllable, thus making it almost impossible to have an accident. The revolt consists of continental Terra speed tires. It is pedal-less. Its frame has an aluminum construction, thus giving it the benefit of being lightweight.

FINIS Bike composite fork contributes to your bike’s firmness and stiffness. A comfortable saddle when cycling this bike is also another great deal for a cycler. What’s more on this bike is D-fuse for absorbing shocks and vibrations when you are cycling.

The clearance tire benefit also allows your bike to crush gravel tremendously and unpaved paths and roads smoothly. The aluminum frame of this Mountain bike will enable you to be convenient and efficient in pedaling all through your cycling sessions. You can also accelerate the speed of your business bike, and all credit goes to the aluminum frame.


  • It has an aluminum frame
  • Geometric shape
  • D-Fuse seat
  • Hydraulic brakes system
  • Composite fork


  • It has a tubeless tire structure
  • It’s pretty stable
  • It is pretty comfortable since it has a d-shaped seat
  • It is pocket-friendly


  • It has a heavy rim that can cause inconveniences when riding
  • It lacks a rear clutch

FINIS Bike Mountain bike is worth investing in for any cycler out there.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #10 – Rapilock Mountain Bikelite Road Bike

It has a fantastic range of twenty-two gears supporting your ability to climb hills conveniently. This Mountain bike demeans gender-based discrimination; its frame is structurally manufactured to suit women’s cycling needs.

Rapilock Mountain Bike back has a back rack mount that contributes to the contentment of your bike. Aside from the rack, it also has a practical mudguard fitting allowing you to ride in muddy areas without any hindrance. Another mudguard’s benefit is increasing the Mountain bike’s longevity; hence you save money.

Once the mudguards and fenders harmonize, they help you cycle conveniently amid unconducive weather. With unprecedented tires in place, you are much comfortable on your bike. Specialized tires also allow you to cycle for long hours. Another advantage of the Rapilock Mountain Bike is that it’s light in weight; you can lift it tirelessly in places on impassable unpaved paths.

Do you begin immense cycling training? Rapilock Mountain Bike is an ideal choice for you. The versatility of this bike is top-notch; explore, travel miles, intensive exercise can all be offered by this bike. The tight and adequate grip is another benefit of the Rapilock Mountain Bike; all credit goes to its excellent wide tires.


  • Shimano 105 group set
  • Swiss wheels
  • It has a lightweight alloy frame
  • Features a carbon fork
  • It has an internal cabling


  • Stability and confidence when riding
  • Top-quality frame
  • Full carbon fork


  • Slow wheels
  • Clunky shifting

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #11 – Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike 

It is well known as a do it all Mountain bike. This indicates that its adaptability is top-notch. Beginners have triumph entry-level opted for Schwinn Discover Hybrid. 

Bike .experienced cyclers are not left out too; they can have a new fascination if they consider upgrading to this Mountain bike.

It’s structurally designed for men and women. Tarmac or rails cannot stop it from its unique movements thanks to its robust aluminum frame. Aside from hitting the tarmac hard, its unparalleled Performance can never go unnoticed on gravel and unpaved roads.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is a reasonably priced Mountain bike despite its outstanding performance. The tubes for this Mountain are highly profiled, thus keeping it clean at all times. Its primary tubes come in a triangle shape hence strengthening your back and maintaining its weight.

The saddle comfort is adequate since it has a lower curvy portion and with lowered position. The curvy portion tremendously strengthens your Mountain bike, thus increasing its durability. With the fore-mentioned features, the value of your Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike Mountain bike keeps rising.

A dependable braking system is recommended for all bikes, including  Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike.

It features effective disc brakes, thus heightening your safety when cycling; Back and front axles on the brake system make your brakes rigid and more reliable.

Another top feature in Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is an advanced carbon fork; thus, a reason to purchase one. The carbon fork is streamlined with multiple steerers making it adjustable. You can adjust your bike’s height depending on your preferences. Impressing things are noticeable; this Mountain bike comes with tons of appealing color schemes.

You can choose the color of your preference. This bike has a unique twist that provides relaxation and confidence motivating position. Its head tubes are appropriately placed at the head position for your convenience and speeding when riding off-road.


  • Great look and finishing
  • Multiple chain compact(50-34)
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Advanced group set
  • Disc brakes


  • Appealing looks
  • Top-notch versatility
  • Robustness
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Efficient handling


  • Inconveniencing handlebar

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #12 Takara Oni Drop Bar

Takara Oni Drop Bar Bike is a pretty pocket-friendly price. It is an ideal Mountain bike for beginners. The contentment and its excellent Performance are way beyond its few cons. It has a carbon frame that strengthens more with zero weight addition. Takara Oni bike Mountain bike is a wise choice if you have a racing mission.

Besides being a great racer, you can amazingly achieve your cycling goal using this bike within a short moment. It suits all cycling needs for all genders; men and women can ride the Takara Oni Drop Bar Bike. It is structurally shorter for women and a bit taller for men’s satisfaction.

Women like impressive surfaces; therefore, a Takara Oni Drop Bar Bike comes with a significant finishing in ladies’ favor. The handlebars are narrowly and shallowly manufactured explicitly for women. Besides the unique handlebar, it possesses an explicit saddle that tremendously increases convenience.

The Performance of this bike is unparalleled. Steepy hills are next to nothing for Takara Oni bike riders; they experience zero hitches and minimal skips. It conquers all terrains types, although it misses efficient brakes System. Takara Oni  Drop Bar Bike even-ups comfort and Performance amazingly.


  • It has an aluminum frame
  • Carbon fork 
  • Shimano Tiagra groupset
  • BTwin wheel
  • Compact rear cassette


  • Considerable weight
  • Amazing look
  • High value
  • Unique and outstanding geometry
  • Quality ride


  • Lacks disc brake option
  • It lacks a high-end option too

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #13 – Trek Emonda ALR 4 Disc Bike

It is a featherweight mountain bike manufactured with aluminum. Trek Emonda bike is valued your safety when cycling; all credit goes to its hydraulic brake system. In addition, Mountain bike also features a premium and a powerful drive train. It is an excellent choice for newbies in cycling.

Experienced riders will tell a better story if they upgrade to this Emonda bike. It is a unique and outstanding race. This bike is an excellent way of breaking your cycling records within a moment. The bike’s tire clearance is superb; thus, more grip is crucial for cycling.

It is considered the most excellent climber for adventurers.


  • It has an internal cabling
  • Tapered tube head
  • Flat mount disc
  • Alloy sealed bearing
  • Its headset has a cartridge bearing


  • Excellent look
  • Quality finish
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding ride

Major con

  • Not competitive

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #14 Hiland Vernier Road Bike 

It is an ideal bike for new beginners. Hiland Vernier Road Bike is a handy racer. Its firm aluminum frame provides rigidity and cohesion for your bike. This Mountain bike has options of colors; you choose the color of your preference. Reasonably priced Another great thing with this bike. 

Hiland Vernier Road Bike has unmatched looks; any cycler can notice at a mere glance. Besides the distinctive look of this bike is the impressive and glamorous finish. Being exceptional from other racing Mountain bikes, Hiland Vernier Road Bike features a long tapered tube and significant cohesion and handling. 

Hiland Vernier Road Bike also consists of a graceful aluminum shape.

The tremendous versatility of this bike further enhances its Performance. The manufacturer’s idea of adding a mudguard and the rear luggage rack contributes even more to your bike’s versatility. In addition, the drilled bridges on the posterior chain are an assurance of ensuring a secure fender mounting.

A fender will add more value to you since you can carry small packages using it. Like a few Mountain bikes, Hiland Vernier Road Bike offers an adequate wide gear range connected to chainrings. It has disc brakes, thus heightening your safety when cycling. The brake system has the advantage of the adjustment and simple maintenance.

Any cycler with a mission of steep climbing should consider investing in Hiland Vernier Road Bike  Mountain bike. Several test rides revealed that this Mountain bike is a beautiful gravel crusher. Rooty and stumps-dominated roads are never a hindrance for their unconquerable moves. Even during Lousy weather conditions, a Hiland Vernier Road Bike cycler is unstoppable. They enjoy their daily rides even along muddy, dirty roads.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes #15 Schwinn Vantage Hybrid Bike 

It is another great entry-level bike for beginners. Schwinn Vantage Hybrid Bike is reasonably priced, unlike several Mountain bikes. Its introduction came when bikes’ purposes had no limits. The versatility of this bike is top-notch. Its thin tires are highly manufactured, thus enabling it to conquer impassable rough roads.

Schwinn Vantage Hybrid Bike is an unparalleled racer; all credit goes to its thin tires. Your safety when riding the Schwinn Vantage Hybrid Bike is on a high level due to its unique Hydraulic brakes system.


  • It has a 30T Carbon frame
  • High-quality Carbon fork
  • It features Baby limus tires
  • Its brake disc system is rival Hydraulic
  • Tire clearance
  • Apex 1 groupset

Bottom line

Cycling is fun. Some people are living a long healthy life thanks to cycling. However, cycling in the mountains can be challenging. It’s because most mountain bikes are a hit or miss, so it is up to you to choose the one that suits your needs. One thing you should know though, all the mountain bikes mentioned above are a good investment.

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