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How to guides and maintenance tips on how to use, care for, and maintain your bike. This includes all types of bikes, for all levels of cycling. We may all fall into the practice of just hopping on our bikes and riding away, believing that our bikes are in good working order. A short safety inspection before every ride must become second nature, particularly if you ride your bike to group rides or local trails on a regular basis. Even the most seasoned bikers have occasionally left a quick-release alarmingly loose. A thorough inspection every hundred kilometers would also aid in the detection of small issues before they become significant ones! Every sort of rider needs to maintain their bicycle. Whether you ride to work, race, or just go out on the trails a few times a month, you need to keep up with basic maintenance to avoid dangerous situations and pricey surprises down the line. Bike maintenance, on the other hand, does not have to be complex. By following these basic bicycle maintenance instructions, you can keep your bike running for a long time. You should maintain your bicycle to prolong the life of your ride, just like you would your automobile to keep it looking great and working well. After every ride, clean and wipe down your chain. Allowing time for the lubrication to absorb into the chain will help it last longer. Inspect your tires regularly and use a floor pump to check their pressure. Before leaving, check for any loose bolts, screws, or nuts to ensure that everything is in working order. Carry some spare screws and bolts with you in case you lose some while riding. Brake pads degrade with time, so check them often. How to guides and maintenance tips cover these and more.

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