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Cycling may require that you dress appropriately, and we’ll go over any cycling-related clothing you’d want to consider. If you're new to cycling, it's always a good idea to know what equipment and gear you'll need. Whether you're just starting to cycle to work, expanding your road cycling love, or simply looking for a little more comfort while riding, this series of articles will give you the information on what to acquire and why. There are alternatives for every budget in your local bike store and online shops, so you don't have to spend a lot of money to get your riding gear together. Unless you have a long commute, the most important thing is to keep dry, comfortable or comfortably cool in the case it is a summertime, and arrive at work clean and undisturbed, all while avoiding traffic. Cycling to work in an urban area is inherently stop-and-go, so commuters tend to alternate between feeling heated while riding and cooling off fast when they come to a halt at traffic signals and crossroads. Because visibility is vital in congested metropolitan areas, commuter gear frequently includes high-visibility and/or reflective features, as well as incorporated lighting in certain circumstances. Helmets are either optional or mandatory depending on where you ride in the globe, so check the legislation. Cycling jackets feature a longer back and sleeves, which protects the rider more when he or she is in a forward posture on the bike. The same can be applied to other cycling clothing such a special waterproof pants and shoes or overshoes.

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