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There’s no debate that every cyclist needs a bell. Bike bells and horns are an important addition to your biking experience. Along with lights, bells and horns are not for your own safety, but it also makes cycling safer for other pedestrians, car drivers and cyclists. You probably heard many times “Where’s your bell?!” While riding without a bell around the city. Legally, a bike has to be sold with a bell fitted. The polite way of letting people know that you are approaching is by ringing a bell. By ringing the bell an advanced warning goes a long way towards avoiding collisions.

What is the function of bike bells and horns?

So in a sense, between trail user groups bells help to keep peace. Bells can surely improve the lives around you, as if you are on a mountain bike trail, it alerts hikers so they can step aside. It can make your life better, even if you’re an entitled cyclist. It helps by signaling your arrival to everyone in the area from 10, 20, even 30 yards away, so they have plenty of time to get out of your way. You can use it, when you pass a car who opens their door obnoxiously, into the bike lane. Bike bells and horns are available in different colors like pink, purple, yellow and other colors of bike bell to make your trip more exciting.

You can ring your bell to warn other, lamer, slower cyclists that you are coming up behind them. You can use it around blind corners on your mountain bike, forcing everyone to know that you are descending at top speed. It’s useful in the city too, where people suddenly run into the road for no reasonable reason on foot or tend to veer between lanes randomly in cars. Ringing bell also creates an odd sense of pleasure as you pass a car whose door is in the bike lane. Different kinds of bike bells and horns are available like with funny sounds, bike bells and horns for different kids characters like bike bell frozen, spider man, bike guardian bell for bike and others.

Almost all the bike bells and horns are inconspicuous and stylish enough to look good on any bike.

Almost every bike bells and horns company has worked the positioning of these bells levers to make it easy for actuation on drop or flat handlebars and to refine the tone of its bell for a really pleasant chime. To add some individuality and style to your stock bike, bells are reasonably priced. It can notify other trail users from farther away and a lot less confrontational than a shout or grunt. Some bike bell vintage is also present in the market.

At the nostalgic chime of a good bike bells and horns pedestrians drivers and other riders you smoke in the sprint can’t help but smile instead. All bikes to be equipped with a bell are required by many states, municipalities and countries. Like, You might end up hearing a police siren, if you’re riding anywhere in Australia for instance. By using your bell, you are training drivers and pedestrians to listen for the distinctive ding of a cyclist in the right way to make cycling safer for other cyclists. 

Following are handpicked bike bell and horn reviews.

KNOG Oi Bell Aluminium [Bike Bells and Horns]

The KNOG is a slang term for a group The oi bike or bicycle bell appears to be little more than a thin piece of metal wrapped around the handlebars. It may be the least bike-bell-looking bell ever, so you wouldn’t know what it was at first glance. In this copper form, the bike bell Oi has a particularly attractive brushed finish metal element. It is always comforting and has a strong, well-machined feel to it. It’s quite simple to install this charming bike bell knog on a bike. To hold it in place, just open the rear of the bracket and slip it over the bar after tightening the bolt.

For thinner diameter bars there is a bike bell small version and the large version is fitted well on thicker bars. The smaller version is one of the smallest among bike bells and horns. To allow for cables to sit underneath it, there are two recesses within the bracket. To create the ‘ding’, it works by way of a simple spring-mounted hammer that hits the spring-mounted metal bar. If too much pressure is applied the bell doesn’t ring too well; more slightly muted, not really a ‘thunk’, but to make it work well you have to apply soft to medium pressure.

The ring itself is loud enough for most uses but it isn’t as loud as some bells. With a clear and tuneful tone, it has a pleasing ring, too. The cable management system gathers your cables without hindering the performance of the bell. There’s no need to slide it on, the mount opens over the handlebar and it tightens with a single hex screw. The deep harmonic adds long, clear tones while high-pitched ring cuts through traffic noise.


  • Strong mount
  • Reinforced nylon
  • Anodized finishes
  • Strong, stainless-steel spring
  • Cable management system
  • Nice looking


  • A bit expensive
  • Feeble sound

Accmor Classic Aluminum Alloy Bike Bell

This Accmor traditional bicycle bike bell is an aluminum alloy bell, with a clear and crisp sound. The aluminum bicycle bells have a fashionable appearance and provide a crisp sound that can be heard clearly, making riding considerably safer. The aluminum bike ring is one of the most important bike accessories for adults and children who ride mountain bikes or road bikes. It’s a deafening warning that makes your journey safer. This bike may easily be used on the road, on the mountain, or on other bikes.

As a safety warning bell, this aluminum bicycle ring bell is specially designed for road bikes and mountain bikes. This cute bike bell puts out a crisp bike ringtone to be heard clearly and will fit most road bikes and mountain bikes very well. 

This Accmor classic bike bell loud is built with an excellent material for durable use. To give men and women riders a prolonged usage, this aluminum bicycle bell adopts a good quality aluminum and engineering plastic material.

It is made up with anti-aging and anti-rust material. After a long time of use, the ring always stays useful and new. This bike bell loud crisp clear sound bicycle bell is easy to install. The installation of this bike bell is so easy that it takes only 1 minute for complete installation. For installation you just have to tighten the screw on the handle bar with a screwdriver. This coolest bike fits for any standard mtb bike, bmx bike, kids bike, cruiser bike, standard straight bicycle etc.


  • Louder version of small bells
  • Easy to use
  • Enough to be heard without startling anyone
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits easily around large diameter handlebar setups


  • The dome and gear spindle is of soft plastic.

BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini Bike Bells and Horns

Bonmixc bike bell brass mini is a good option if you’re on a budget. If you don’t need something flashy, I’d say this is the best value for money bicycle bell because a low price doesn’t mean it’s of poor quality. It sounds like a classic brass bell. This small bike bell is available in a variety of colors. It’s designed to fit most scooter and bike handlebar sizes. With a 1.3-inch diameter, this coolest bike bell is actually a small design that packs a significant and booming sound.

As the clapper is compressed and allowed to come back on its own the two distinct dings occur. Those who want to have fun and enjoy cycling, this bike bell is especially appropriate for them. This bicycle bell brass is made up with sturdy construction and solid materials, therefore this bell is easy to operate. The louder bike bell’s ding tone sounds crisp, well defined and clear. It takes up very less space on the handlebars or the neck below due to it’s small construction.

This bell is useful for you, if during your bike trail you come up with underpasses, curves and overpasses with sharp turns coming out of them, so that you can pre-warn everyone that is coming into your way by ringing the bell. This bike or bicycle bells that is available online on amazon will ring loudly in any position you mount it in. It is built with solid material and construction. No doubt it is one of the best bell for bike.


  • Easy Depresses
  • Great classic look
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Comes in a reasonable price
  • Well-constructed with a true brass look
  • Easy to operate and install.


  • Mounting ring may not be large enough for some bike.

Mirrycle Incredibell Adjustabell 2 Bike Bell

Mirrycle incredibell adjustabell 2 bike bell’s rotating ringer and precise size allow you to put it just about wherever on your handlebars and ring it with your finger or thumb. The ideal handlebar clamp, completely adjustable to accommodate any size bar. The bike bell sounds loud and clear for anyone to hear with just one flip. This amazing adjustabell may even be attached to a walking stick or a ski pole. It may also be placed on top of the grip tape on the handlebars.

If you want to re-position this mirrycle bell, it isn’t a big deal to use a flathead screwdriver to press the little plastic tab down and then loosen the strap of the bell just like a zip tie. When you release the plastic button and it hits the metal bell to create a nice and loud sound. You have to position this bell in such a way that it does not get in the way of braking or shifting. For your preferences the bike bell’s ringer can be rotated for the best fit.

When you ride around the weekend and go along a multi-use path that is filled with sightseers, pedestrians and joggers, you need another way of alerting others on the path that you are coming up behind, when it gets crowded around. You can use this awesome bell to alert everyone. If you are having trouble getting the bell to stay in place. You can use a handlebar tape or a piece of rubber from an old inner tube between the handlebar and the plastic band of the bell will keep it in place.


  • Great product under $10
  • Easy reach for the thumb
  • Perfect ding
  • Classic look
  • Pleasant sound


  • Some buyer’s have problem of tightening the bell

Delta Cycle Airzound Very Loud Bike Horn Air Hooter | Rechargeable Bell Siren Alarm Super dB

With this Delta cycle Airzound very loud bike horn air hooter you surely have one loud blast and you will not be ignored. This Delta bike bell installs in minutes with an easy-to-reach trigger placement. You can use it right next to gear shift lever. It comes with lightweight reservoir. This bike bell reservoir refills with any of the bike pump. This bike horn that is up for sale online on amazon require no cartridges or batteries. With this delta airzound bike horns, let cars know that you are coming. No doubt it is one of the best horn for bike.

This bike horn that is available online for sale clamps easily to any handlebar. To make an innovative difference the delta cycle has created useful cycling products. It features a volume control button and it’s super loud that blasting out a warning at 115 dB. This air horn looks good on your bike. You have to simply fill the ultra-light air reservoir with any bike pump. If you want to ride in a super busy car intensive area, you can use it at full power. You can modulate the sound by just lightly pressing the button, even at full power.

When you are riding the bike, it is a bit difficult to change the power. The air lasts a surprisingly long time like 50 short blasts. Don’t use this bike horn indoor otherwise even at low pressure it will hurt your ears. Always make sure when you are on bike, that the bell of the horn is pointing away from you. With the help of schrader tire valve under the trigger, the air cylinder can be pressurized to 100 psi. It holds the pressure well and after two days if storage at full pressure, it only drops 10 psi.


  • No batteries or cartridges are required
  • Comes with volume control switch
  • Refills with any bike pump
  • Super loud
  • Easily attach with almost any bike’s handlebar


  • Some customers have issues related to handlebar mount.

DAWAY A14 Loud Electric Bike Horn – 5 Modes Sound 110 DB Bicycle Cycling Handlebar 

This Daway A14 loud electric bike horn is compatible with nearly all bicycles like mountain bikes, road bikes and others. This bicycle ring alarm bell is loud and has 5 modes of sound. This bicycle horn or bike bell electronic is suitable for bicycle handlebars that come with a diameter within 25mm. This Daway A14 comes with quality assurance. This loud bike horn electric is very simple to install. You can have the mount secured to the point it won’t move and is easy to install onto a standard bike handlebar.

The bike horn sound effect is loud enough, even if the battery of it is normal. This electric bike bells and horns sound is available at an affordable price and is more like a siren, “chirp”, “chirp”, as it is a bicycle siren alarm. To position the cable wire near the right or left handle, it is long enough. Position the horn out of the way of accidental pressure, but position it close enough so you can activate the horn by sliding your thumb. To turn heads in close to moderate proximity, it emits a fairly piercing and loud sound.

Those who don’t have music blaring in their ears, deaf or a couple of other things that would stop them from hearing just about anything in their environment, for them this horn of a bike is loud enough to get their attention. You have to just hold down the “0” button for a few seconds, to activate the alarm. The siren will sound an alarm, if there is even a slight movement, after that. When shaking the item, it creates an abnormal sound that is a normal sound, just ignore it. This bike horn is available at an affordable price.


  • Highest sound of 110 dB
  • 5 kinds of sound modes
  • Separate switch design
  • Universal stand
  • Easy installation
  • Power saving


  • No sound control
  • Button needs to be held down for two seconds.

Clean Motion Flu gel Horn

The visual of this product sets it aside from the other bike bells and horns. This clean motion flu gel horn comes with a classic trumpet-style shape, that offers timeless retro look. If you are riding in the park or commuting around the city, this clean motion flu gel horn’s loud dual tone announces the presence of the rider in style. This flu gel horn is available in seven exciting colors to choose from. This horn is made up with durable steel that lasts for long. This air horn for bike is easily mounted with most of the handlebars. This horn price for bike is very affordable.

You can easily fit it with different bike’s like on mountain bikes, road bikes, comfort bikes and on others too. It is no doubt a great horn for the price. This great, old fashioned English bike horn, looks cool, makes for a good sounding taxi horn and was a good value for the price. The piece that comes loose with this loud horn is basically the reed. Through this reed the air goes thru. You just have to take off the rubber squeeze and simply super glue the reed back in.


  • Steel construction
  • Mount to most handlebars
  • Individually carded with UPC
  • Durable steel mounts


  • Reed come loose with this bike horns

Hornit dB140 Bike Horn and LITE Headlight for Cyclists

This Hornit dB140 Bike Horn and LITE headlight for cyclists has a distinctive tone, similar to household smoke alarm and doesn’t take any more handlebar space than a typical commuter light. You might be tempted to thunder through the town and whip it aboard the bars, honking at errant taxis, rickshaws, pizza delivery pilots, transits and anyone else coming into your path. 

The model is a bit different from other bike bells and horns. This bicycle horn is worth taking a few minutes first to familiarize yourself with it and its instructions.

The weatherproofing and build quality stops short of great. To prevent a thief swiping the bracket, the CatEye pattern mount copes with all handlebar diameters and tightens with a recessed plastic key. Finding the ideal resting spot for the rubberized silicone switch is as challenging as installation gets. It gives a simultaneous bibbing and breaking down to a fine art from a few hundred yards and half a dozen prods prods. It’s loud enough for congested town centres, it’s assertive, rather than aggressive.

It’s also perfect for country roads. The 140 decibels is in fact, not only just loud, it’s bloody loud. 

The Hornit weighs a svelte 44g, around 100mm long and sits in a Cateye pattern mount on your handlebars. The hex key is supplied to tighten the jubilee clip. It can be positioned pretty much anywhere on the handlebars, thanks to the rubber ‘O’ ring and an appropriate length of the wire. The instructions that came with it were sharp, short and accurate.


  • Extremely loud
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Designed with weather proof material
  • Mounted on all bicycle handlebars


  • If not attached well, the remote trigger plug in could slip out easily.

Bike Bells and Horns – Final Verdict

You might consider using sound instead of lighting your bike up like a Christmas tree this winter. To clear earbud wearing joggers out of the bike lane, I have a feeling it will work pretty well. These horns has proven to be as effective as you might imagine, although at first a loud horn seems like a gimmick. Instead of pulling out in front of a bike people hadn’t noticed, users report that a tap on the horn can cause a driver to jump on their brakes. Good luck purchasing the most suitable bike bells and horns for your bike.

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