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City cruiser bike is well known among sightseers and casual bicyclists as it is a very secure and simpler to cycle with. But the heavy mass and balloon tires tend somehow slow it down. Cruisers also have the aptitude to be customized with fixtures including lights, saddlebags, and fenders. They are modeled for use mainly on low speeds/distances, paved roads and are contained in the non-touring /non-racing class and middleweight or heavyweight methods of the road bicycle type.

The people of America cruising and commuting through cities in the past years through bicycles has taken a big leap. 7% of commuters cycle bikes to their work, in Portland, and Oregon the highly populated city in the USA? Over the past decade according to the US Census Bureau the whole country has seen a 60% development of commuters bicycling to work. America produced 83% of bicycles ten years ago. 

Bicycle riding is incredible for the environment, hindering carbon dioxide emissions. You should promote this effort by buying bicycles within the United States, or wherever your residence country may be, so the output transportation costs and carbon dioxide from fuel consumed is drastically decreased while benefiting local makers at the same time.  

Below are some cruising city bikes, American made bicycles:

How to Maintain City Cruiser Bike

city cruiser bike
Source: Momentum

Keep Your City Cruiser Bike Clean 

Your custom cruiser bike requires to be cleaned regularly to keep any dirt, debris, and water from interacting with the metal on your bike and the oxygen in the air to create rust, just like a car. According to cruiser bikes experts you are supposed to clean your bike every time after riding for 25 rides or maybe at least once per month. 

Oil up Your Bike Chain

As you clean the rest of your bike once every month your bike chain should also be cleaned. You should never like to oil your bike chain without cleaning it first.  Your bike chain will only increase the risk of rusting if you lubricate it when it’s covered in mud and other grime. You should apply a bike-specific lubricant to keep the chain in great shape once the chain is clean of any dirt and debris, and you have to wipe it down with a cloth. A well-lubricated chain enables your bike to ride smoothly and without friction.

Make Sure Your Tyres are Properly Inflated

Your beach cruiser solely rides as smoothly as the tyres will let you. When the tires of your cruiser are underinflated, they can make your ride bumpy and rough. Your cruiser bikes will also be at greater risk of being punctured by rocks, sticks, and other debris on the road or sidewalk if the tyres are poorly inflated.

Maintain Secure Bolts

It is important to make sure the bolts that connect all the parts of your bike are well tightened and lubricated. Your bike is joined by tiny bolts and nuts and if they come to lessen in any way, the result could be awful for your bike. Ensure you tighten the bolts the right way and avert screwing too tight, as this can too lead to damage.

Carry A City Cruiser Bike Repair kit

You should always go out with your essential tools for bike repair to ensure you stay on the safe side of things when riding your bike. Contained in your repair kit should be; spare bolts, a foldable spare tire, Rags Lubricant, Duct tape, a Spoke Wrench, and a Spare Chain Link. Containing these tools will save you some time and cash when unforeseen breakdowns occur.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Scheduling regular bike inspections is the best way to avoid the worst of any bike breakdowns. Prevention is often good than cure, and many small problems can be repaired with limited basic tools before they accelerate further.

Check Your Bike Attachments

Make sure you inspect your bike fixtures or attachments, such as cycling power meter, LED lighting, bike computer, and GPS device. As a cyclist, these tools should be crucial to your every ride. If you have attachments on your bike, inspect and clean them frequently. Inspection if they’re if the batteries are out or they are still working. You don’t wish to get lost on the way to your journey simply because your GPS is a bit wobbly.

Learn to stay attuned to the fixtures of your bike, and pay specific attention to the brakes, air, and chain of your bike.

Tire Care

You should always inspect your tires for excess wear cuts and as well as tire pressure. It is in your great interest to acquire knowledge on how to change a tire just in case one of yours blasts out at an inappropriate time (even though you agree that any time is an inappropriate time). You will need to know your cruiser’s makeup to obtain the proper tools when changing a tyre, so become knowledgeable with your ride.

1. Detroit City Cruiser Bike

Detroit bikes are manufactured using American-made Chromoly steel. Which is American-made and famous for being lightweight yet shock-absorbent. So you don’t feel a lot of bumps in the road. 

They are designed in a very unique feature. The appearance of the bike is very astonishing and stands out as a luxury bike of luxury. The material of the bike frame is extremely lightweight, which makes it effortless for people with less strength to deal with and carry and it is also designed to last for longer periods of time. As a rider, you will experience a smooth and comfortable ride since the wheels of the bike are designed to be much larger. 

As a cyclist, you want to have a bike that is attractive by design, a bike that is strong and built to endure depreciating over a very long time. They have up to three-speed gears and water bottle cage mounts to give the bike a more custom look is another additional feature of the Detroit bikes. In addition, these bikes have multiple brakes for both foot and hand. The motive of having both hand and foot breaks is to enable you to brake safely while maintaining control of the bike. 

2. Littleford Bicycles

Littleford Bicycles is a custom-made bike shop in the city that is delighted to have the greatest percent of commuters who cycle to work. These bicycles has become a wizard on guaranteeing your bicycle ride to be the most comfortable possible thereby guaranteeing the longest lasting enjoyment. Using a bike all the time implies you are in the same position day after day. This posture must be the most ergonomically appropriate as possible.  

By acquiring a custom-made bike, you will avoid physical pain or annoyance as comfortably as possible for you. When buying a bike, Littleford administers an interview that deems your posture, riding style, fit, body measurements, bike geometry, personal experience, and priorities to produce the ideal bike fit and look for you. Littleford Bicycles delivers custom touring bikes manufactured for all kinds of fully-loaded bike touring like recreation, trip, or adventure

3. Metrofiets City Cruiser Bike

Metrofiets was established in 2007, initially as the test in alternative bicycles, and has become one of the simplest riding cargo bikes accessible. It is your preference if you are looking for the best cargo city bike can offer to carry your deliveries, offspring, purchases, pets, supplies, and more. With Metrofiets bike it will be easy, fast, and fun to ride as it has the latest bells and whistles. 

Metrofiets bicycle is designed in a way that it can accommodate up to 400 lbs of passengers and load without forfeiting smoothness using a big front wheel, no-jitter steering, and reliable materials. They are recognized for easy maneuvering, even with a maximum load. You’ll be surprised by the comfy ride this big bike offers if you give Metrofiets a try today.

4. Shinola

Shinola bicycles come with a limited warranty. These bikes are carefully and precisely modeled to deliver the best qualities of a lugged steel frame and fork, to regulate smoothly and predictably for errand running, city riding, and commuting. They offer a low maintenance bicycle. As a day-to-day rider, you will never need to be concerned about adjustment, maintenance, or exposure to rain and snow.

With the quiet and smooth disc brakes, stopping power, in any climate condition, is assured.  Shinola bikes have an internal cable routing that retains the cables out of view and out of the elements. This bike also has renders and racks that adjust effortlessly on the frame. 

5. Signal Cycles City Cruiser Bike

Signal Cycles privileges from the possessor’s background to create both aesthetically gorgeous bikes with the exception of them prevailing just what the customer seeks. They are custom built and modeled. In 2011 signal cycles won the “Best City Bike” award by the North American Handbuilt Bike Show. They continue to receive acclaim. 

6. Speedvagen

Speedvagen Bicycles make many lines of bikes. Their standard city cruisers are road bicycles, smooth and adequate to ride around town. Speedvagen classic bike is modeled after a high-end vintage racing bike. Speedvagen is recognized for taking minor facts into concern that make their bikes very gorgeous and state-of-the-art products.  It would be difficult to list all the small steps they’ve taken to make your biking experience the nicest that it can be. But one that displays- cases this would be the incorporated battery. It’s concealed inside the bike seat mainmast so that you can regulate without any tools. Speedvagen travels around the world to conduct fitting worlds for potential customers. An additional way that Speedvagen goes above and beyond.

7. SyCip City Cruiser Bike

Since 1992 SyCip has been manufacturing custom bicycles and was set up by two brothers, one of whom still manages the shop. At SyCip you can have a cyclocross, road, city touring, mountain, or any kind of specialty bike made. SyCip’s city touring bikes are recognized as their Java Town collection. These bikes incorporate the speed of a road bike, with the technique of a cruiser. In both 2014 and 2015 SyCip was a winner in the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

8. Victoria Cycles

The elegant Victoria gives all the benefits of growing big into an entire shaped bike for fewer riders. The Victoria cycles not only fit riders from 150cm – five feet upwards. But provide brilliantly balanced handling and a super lively feel. All these makes every ride a vibe because of the optimized thin meld body and parts.  

In addition, it has bigger and fast-moving WTB Tan wall 650B tyres. Which is remarkable while drifting you over the horrible road, rough areas, or bike path. MTB mode cockpit, wide-range Shimano gears, and hydraulic disc brakes make you a champion of congestion in town and contraflows or winding descents in the countryside and wide-open climbs. Victoria cycles have mudguard, double bottle cages, kickstand as well as rack faucets. That make it easy to equip and super versatile for your all-day or everyday rides. 

They now produces road, tandem bicycles, city, mountain, touring, and also cyclocross. These bikes come with a lifetime warranty. However, this does not cover failure or damage caused by abuse of your bike, misuse or accident,.

Worksman Cycles 

Over 120 years, Worksman Cycles is delighted to have been making bicycles.  Worksman Cycles made a three-wheel bicycle with a rear that has storage, which they produce up to date.  In Worksman Cycles you can buy folding bikes, recreational bikes, delivery and cargo bikes. In addition, you can buy electric bikes, parent and child bikes, and many more. Made in America, Worksman Cycles, and heavy-duty bicycles, offer the most unique cruiser bicycles. Captioning clincher rims, hand lugged, 11g spokes, as well as brazed frames. These bikes are exclusively heavy-duty bikes. 


Every bike is sufficiently good to get from one place to another. But with a cruiser bike, your ride will be a whole lot more comfortable. Cruiser bikes, as long as they are used for their intended purpose, can give some of the most entertaining riding experiences you’ll ever have. 

With cruiser city bikes cycling should be relaxing and fun! Cruiser bicycles are designed simple, bringing out the look and feel of the bicycles as you pedal around the neighborhood.

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