3 Piece BMX Cranks

Cranks play a very important role in BMX riding. Therefore it is essential for a rider to ensure that they select the best crank for their BMX bike. Cranksets come in singles, doubles and triples. The type of cranks that are best suited for your bike are those that are convenient for your type of riding. The 3 piece BMX cranks set comprises of a crank with a spindle attached to it and two other crank arms that are separate.

These cranks have been in the market for quite a long time. Having survived for this long only indicates that they have proven to be of good quality and perform well. In this regard, these are the most popular among most riders. There are many factors that have made these class of cranks stay in the market for all this while.

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What makes these 3 piece BMX cranks stand out?

First, these cranks are more affordable than the one and two piece BMX cranks. Thus making it easy for more riders to gravitate towards them. One can get a good quality 3 piece crank set for as low as thirty five dollars. Different cranks get sold at different prices too mostly because of the material used to make them.

For instance a crankset that has been made using aluminum will be quite pricy compared to other materials. Aluminum is very durable, strong and light weight. Although you get to spend a little more to get these 3 piece BMX cranks, you will not be worried about replacing them for very long.

Secondly, when a crank arm or spindle breaks in a 3 piece BMX crankset. Then one has to look for the replacement of the part which is harmed only. This is not the same with other crank sets. For example when a spindle breaks in a two piece BMX crankset then one will have to purchase an entirely new set. Which is a little bit expensive. Therefore, buying 3 the three piece BMX cranks helps you save a lot of coins in the long run.

Thirdly, the models present in the market of 3 piece BMX cranks are very many when compared to other cranksets. This is probably because they have stayed in this market for a very long time therefore ended up being produced by many more companies. Also staying in the market for this long only means that the number of bike riders using them has kept increasing. Therefore the increased demand definitely led to higher supply by the emergence of new brands as time went by.

3 Piece BMX Cranks: Features and Comparison

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Although they have all these positives, 3 piece BMX cranks come with quite a number of features. This may not be very pleasing but can be ignored considering the ratio of positives to negatives. To begin with, these cranks are considerably heavier when compared to their counterparts, the two piece BMX cranks. In this regard, riders who pay a lot of attention in avoiding units that add weight to their bikes will be put off by this feature. When this is the case they may go for other cranksets.

The 3 piece BMX cranks require a lot of effort when installing them than the other cranksets.

This is because this crankset has more parts. Therefore it will require more time to put them together and ensure that they sit right. Lastly, this crankset is a little less stiff than the two piece BMX cranks but not entirely wobbly. If you want a crankset that is more reliable and of good quality but you don’t worry about adding a little more weight on your bike then the 3 piece BMX cranks are the best option for you.

The 3 piece BMX cranks also come with features in different dimensions.

To start with, the spindle diameter which is the chunkiness of the axle that moves via the bottom bracket, differs in different cranksets. Although this feature has no effect on the functioning of the bike, most riders swear that spindles that are larger are sturdier and lighter than smaller ones. However, it is important to note that a large spindle comes with small bearings. Which get blown out more easily than bigger ones. Therefore, at the end of the day you get to choose what sits well with you.

The length of the crank arms differs in different cranksets too.

This feature also doesn’t alter the performance of the bicycle in any way. But enables one to choose according to what suits them personally. Although in order to make this decision one has to have a little understanding of how different lengths of cranks work according to other riders. For instance, most of them argue that when one uses short crank arms, they are able to make smoother spin tricks. Mainly because the feet are far apart. In addition to that, when the feet are further apart then one hardly hits their heels on the rear peg.

On the other hand, using longer crank arms makes it easier for you to pedal the bicycle. It also offers more stability while riding.

The spindle interface is the manner in which the crank arms get together with the spindle.

It ranges between six and forty eight spline set ups. While purchasing the 3 piece BMX cranks one should keep off  the 6/8 and 10/16 set ups. This is because they tend to be made poorly and would most likely fail after a while. The best 3 piece cranks that you can get in the market are those with the forty eight spline setup. They enable the crank arms to attach themselves to the spindle perfectly without the use of excess bolts.

How To Choose The Best 3 Piece MBX Cranks

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Square shaped or tubular

Cranksets are built in two different shapes. Some are tubular while others are square shaped. Although the tubular cranks are preferred by most riders, those who perform grinds with crank arms gravitate towards the squarely shaped because they lock better with the grinds.

Heat treatment

This process ensures that the tubes used in the making of the cranks have been heated and then cooled so that they get stronger. One should consider getting cranks that have been specifically heat treated using the post – weld treatment. This treatment involves the treating of the cranks after the production process which helps the metal maintain its properties during the welds. In this regard both the welds and the tubes get stronger.

Boss less or bolt drive

The bolt drive cranks are the most popular .They have a boss which the sprocket bolt on the crank arms attaches to. As long as the cranks are of a forty eight spline system, one is able to perform a spline drive on them. On the other hand, boss less cranks have no boss thus don’t allow spline drives. However, they are light weight and offer a cleaner look when compared to their counterparts. Therefore, one should choose the one with the benefits that suit their need.


Cranks can be made from a variety of materials and priced according to the material used too. For instance, the more expensive the cranks are the more lightweight, durable and strong they will be. In this regard one should buy cranks that fit their budget but also will last them a while.

Vundo 3 Piece MBX Crank

After an in depth research on all the 3 piece BMX cranks the Vundo 3 piece crankset has prominently stood out as the best. It is the best 3 piece BMX crank that you can find in the market right now because it delivers very high quality at a considerably cheap price. To start with, this crankset fits quite a number of bicycles from dirt bicycles to mountain bicycles not leaving out Shimano and FSA.

It is resistant to corrosion caused by natural elements because it is built with aluminum. The aluminum also makes these cranks strong therefore cannot break or bend easily. The crank arms are 170 mm long which is neither too long nor too short which makes the rider feel safe on the bike and not hit their heel on the rear wheel time and again.

The design which includes wide and narrow teeth suits 7 to 12 speeds which is a quite an admirable range. This model ensures that the speed changes accurately every time one changes it therefore one can increase and reduce it to the exact point they want to fit their needs at the particular time while riding. In this regard, a rider is able to concentrate on the riding instead of worrying about adjusting the speed wrongly. To add to the durability of these cranks, the manufacturers have incorporated bearings that are cup sealed.

Considering, how important bearings are in the proper functioning of the cranks, this feature makes these cranks very reliable and efficient. To add to this, the Vundo Direct cranks are good looking thus will add to the appearance of your bike too. The surface of these cranks is made of a high quality material which would preferably take a long time to wear out.


  • Brand: VUNDO
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Crank length: 170 mm


  • Fits perfectly 
  • Works efficiently
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Looks pretty good


  • The pedal threads may be too soft for some customers


In few words, the perfect 3 piece BMX cranks are those that fit your type of riding, your priorities and all your other needs when it comes to riding. Therefore the best of them all in the market will definitely differ from one person to another .In this regard, one should ensure that they are always aware of what they really need and what they can compromise on so as to get the best fit for their bike.

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